Covid And Unemployment: Resilient Jobs That Will Survive The Pandemic


Did you lose your job because of the pandemic? Well, you aren’t alone. Millions of Americans found themselves suddenly unemployed in the last year. To set yourself apart from the rest, take action now to change your situation. You could consider changing to a career that survived the pandemic. These are some professions that were resilient during this health crisis.

Healthcare Professionals

When Covid-19 was declared a pandemic, healthcare professionals were on the front-line. They have continued to be the first to confront the pandemic in the last year. Healthcare professionals are always in high demand, but during Covid-19, their job opportunities grew exponentially. All workers were needed: doctors, nurses, physicians, home care aides, and many more. 

It is true that they are also at more risk of contracting the virus, but if you want to help people and make a change there are always some sacrifices to make. If this sector is somewhere you’ve always wanted to work in, this may be the perfect era to make an impact. Healthcare professions are without a doubt the most resilient jobs that survived the pandemic. 

Digital Marketing

One thing that definitely changed with the pandemic is the increased use of online platforms for every aspect of our lives, from learning and working to entertainment and talking with friends. This year, all sectors had to adopt new technologies because it was necessary to continue operations. 

This means that now companies have to reach the customer where they spend more time—online. Digital marketers are experts in creating campaigns to reach people on social media platforms, grow a company’s brand, engage with the audience, and give an excellent customer experience across platforms. No wonder these professionals were in high demand during the pandemic.

The best part is that you can become a digital marketer in a few months with an online course. You don’t need to go to university, and you will have a profession that is in high demand. Plus, the amount of technology in our lives will only increase, so you will probably have a job for the next few decades. 


With so many people going online, the threats to people and companies’ privacy increased. Companies had to secure their information by having employees in different locations, from the same city to different states. This means that the security systems are a lot different than when the workforce is all in the same building. 

Cybersecurity engineers specialize in designing, maintaining, and improving security systems for companies and people. They learn how to identify weak points on existing systems that hackers could take advantage of. But, why are they in higher demand than usual?

Cyberattacks only increase during the pandemic and they seem to move toward big corporations instead of individuals. The Interpol detected 907,000 spam messages and 48,000 malicious URLs, all related to Covid-19. Thus, this profession was resilient to the pandemic and even saw an increase in job opportunities. 

Software Development

Software developers design, develop, deploy, and maintain the programs, applications, and operating systems that allow us to use our devices. With every operation going online during the pandemic, companies and people needed new tools to work efficiently. For example, schools need learning platforms that meet their needs and companies need team management systems.

Also, the software and services that were already available couldn’t handle the massive amount of users that they received during the pandemic. Many companies had to grow and improve their services. Software developers can do all this, so it’s no wonder that they were in high demand during the pandemic. 

You can also become a software developer in a few months with an online course or learning by yourself. There are a ton of free resources online, from books to complete courses, that teach you how to become a software developer. Another approach is to learn a programming language you are interested in, like Python or Java, and start your journey from there. 

In Summary

Healthcare professions were without a doubt the most resilient jobs during the pandemic, but they also were the most at risk. You could also consider becoming a digital marketer, cybersecurity engineer, or software developer. All of these had plenty of job opportunities during the pandemic and even saw their demand increase.

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