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How a Real Estate Agency Skyrocketed Leads and Slashed Costs with Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and Expert Guidance

Streamlined Tracking with Google Tag Manager (GTM):

Our Denver-based real estate agency faced a common challenge – wanting to track user interactions on their website without relying on developers. GTM became the hero. The marketing team used GTM to effortlessly manage tags, from tracking form submissions to monitoring clicks on property listings.

  • By streamlining tracking with GTM, the team saved time and resources. They could quickly adapt their tracking strategy for different property campaigns, ensuring accurate data collection without the need for constant developer involvement.

Google Analytics Unveils User Behavior Insights:

With GTM seamlessly integrated, our real estate agency delved into Google Analytics to gain a comprehensive view of user behavior. They analyzed which properties attracted the most attention, how long users stayed on the site, and what pages led to the most inquiries.

  • Armed with user behavior insights, the agency optimized their website to showcase popular properties more prominently. This not only enhanced the user experience but also resulted in a significant increase in lead inquiries for these properties.

Customized Goals and Conversion Tracking:

Our Denver-based agency set specific goals in Google Analytics, such as form submissions, phone clicks, and virtual tour views. GTM effortlessly implemented these goals, and the team could now track the success of their lead generation efforts with precision.

  • By customizing goals and closely monitoring conversions, the agency identified high-performing channels and campaigns. This insight allowed them to allocate their budget more efficiently, focusing on channels that delivered the best results in terms of lead generation.

Regular Check-Ups and Troubleshooting:

Digiheave conducted regular check-ups on the agency’s GTM setup and Google Analytics configurations. They ensured that tags were firing correctly, goals were tracking accurately, and there were no hiccups in the data collection process.

  • This proactive approach prevented potential issues before they impacted the lead generation process. Troubleshooting was swift, and the agency could focus on refining their campaigns instead of dealing with unexpected technical glitches.

Expert Consultation for Continuous Improvement:

When our realtor client faced challenges in optimizing their Google Ads for maximum impact, they turned to us for expert consultation. The agency provided strategic insights, recommending adjustments to ad copy, targeting, and bidding strategies.

  • With expert guidance, the agency not only reduced their cost per lead but also saw an increase in the quality of leads. The tailored recommendations from Digiheave resulted in a more efficient use of advertising budget, translating into a higher return on investment.

The collaboration between Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and Digiheave empowered the Denver-based realtor to generate more leads, optimize their ad spend, and achieve a significant boost in the overall effectiveness of their digital marketing efforts.

Boost your digital presence, seize the potential of GTM, and set sail on a voyage of well-informed choices with Digiheave as your trusted companion. Claim your complimentary marketing consultation today!

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